Welcome to the Instrumentation Physics Division

The focus of the Instrumentation Physics Division at the Department of Physics is research and development of instrumentation in experimental physics, especially atomic, molecular and subatomic physics. With a deep involvement in the physics itself, we apply new technologies and develop new methods for acquiring experimental data of the highest-possible quality.

Within the division we have competence in advanced digital electronics for large-scale experiments, detector development for subatomic physics experiments, and accelerator physics.

We are currently deeply involved in several major research projects at international accelerator facilities. These include ATLAS at CERN, PANDA at FAIR and XFEL. We are also participating in the DESIREE project here at the department, and in the installation of the CRYRING accelerator (previously at the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory in Stockholm) at FAIR.


The ATLAS detector at CERN


The DESIREE storage ring at Stockholm University

Visiting address

AlbaNova University Centre
Roslagstullsbacken 21
11421 Stockholm, Sweden

Most of the division have offices on floor A3 of AlbaNova

Section Responsible

Samuel Silverstein
Office A3:1007
Phone 08 5537 8693


The PANDA detector at FAIR