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Fysikum - the Department of Physics at Stockholm University

Fysikum has, including PhD students, about 200 employees. Out of these, about 90 are teachers and researches. There are about 250 graduate students and 80 PhD students at the department.

Information about the department

  • Contact information
    Phone list and other information about how to find people.
  • Computer system
    To get in contact with the system administrators of the department, send an e-mail to system@fysik.su.se.
    Most employees have an e-mail address of the type Firstname.Secondname@fysik.su.se. (This is true also for people who use other adresses, since the mail system is set up with aliases from the formal to the physical address.)
  • The Library at Fysikum (AlbaNova)
    contains a large number of books and periodicals in physics and neighbouring fields. In most cases articles published in journals can be accessed online via the web pages of the library.
  • Research divisions
    The research divisions at the department are presented here.
  • Technical Division
    The Technical Division is a base resource for the experimental research at Fysikum, and offers special competence in technical fields like electronics, mechanical design and vacuum technology.
  • Mechanical workshop
    The mechanical workshop is common to the AlbaNova University Center. Work is done mainly for research and education, both internally within AlbaNova and on external assignments.

Finding your way to Fysikum

Fysikum is situated in the Albano area close to the main university campus at Frescati at the northern part of Stockholm.

You can easily access Fysikum, both by public transport and private car.


Mailing address:
Stockholm University
Department of Physics
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Visiting address:
Roslagstullsbacken 21

Roslagsvägen 30B
SE-114 19 Stockholm

Billing address:
Stockholms universitet
Box 50741
SE-202 70 Malmö
Reference: 402 [name or equivalent]

+46 8 5537 8000

+46 8 5537 8601

Medical Radiation Physics:
Box 260
SE-171 76 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8 5177 4359