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About our website

Welcome to the website of the Physics department at Stockholm University

The visual identity

We have built our website to conform to the visual identity of Stockholm University, and to the guidelines for websites included there.

Broken links?

This generation of our website was launched in March 2009 and constitutes a major revision, both when it comes to visual appearance and structure of the contents. This has been necessary to conform to the new guidelines for websites at Stockholm University. One consequece of these major changes is that we have been forced to change URLs for serveral pages. Therefore you might find that your bookmarks or external links to our pages no longer point to the information you are looking for. If this happens we recommend you to visit the site-map and try to locate the information you are looking for. It is our ambition that all information which was present in our old site also should be available in the new site. If you have difficulties finding what you are looking for, send an e-mail to fysinfo@fysik.su.se and we will try to help you find it.