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Construction of Campus Albano - plan for blastings

During the period until October 2017 the construction company NCC will execute blasting operations for the construction of the new university buildings at Campus Albano.

During weeks 17 and 18 (Monday 24 April - Friday 5 May) it is still difficult to say which scheduled blasting times will really be used. For the moment, the previous daily blasting schedule remains.

At the following times blastings may occur during weeks 17 and 18:


Probably not all planned blasting times will be used. As before, time schedules for the planned blastings during the upcoming weeks will be published here on the Fysikum web. More info can also be found on http://su.se/albano (in Swedish) and in this document:

Information regarding the upcoming blasting operations (pdf file, 675 kB)

If you have questions, contact Patrik Löfgren, tel 8893, e-mail patrik.lofgren@fysik.su.se.