Examination timetable - Department of Physics

Courses are normally finished by a written examination. The examination schedule for the current academic year, including resit examinations, is found below.

As only advanced level courses are given in English, the English examination timetable here only shows examinations for these courses. For the complete examination schedule, see the corresponding page in Swedish.

Please notice that registration in advance is required for resit examinations. This can be done either directly to the Student Office, or via our web form (in Swedish).

Explanation: A resit examination is a second or further attempt at an examination.

Please note - double resit examinations in FK7048, Mathematical Methods in Physics, in January

In the examination timetable there are resit examinations in FK7048, Mathematical Methods in Physics, listed for both 3 and 8 January. This is correct, and no error in the timetable.

Week 34, 2017          
Mon21 August8-13FA32MasterFK7048, Mathematical Methods in Physics  *
  8-13FA32MasterFK8028, Simulation Methods in Statistical Physics  *
  8-13FA32MasterFK7063, Physical Measuring Techniques  *
  8-13FA32MasterFK8018, Quantum Field Theory for condensed matter  *
Tue22 August8-13FR4MasterFK8003, Electrodynamics I  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK7049, Analytical Mechanics  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK8025, General Relativity  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK7043, Detector Physics  *
Wed23 August8-13FR4MasterFK7003, Elementary Particle Physics  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK8008, Statistical Physics I  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK7054, Nanoscale Technology  *
Thu24 August8-13FR4MasterFK7047, Quantum Optics  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK5001, Introduction to Astroparticle Physics  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK7061, Statistical Methods in Physics  *
Fri25 August8-13FR4MasterFK7053, Superconductivity  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK7042, Condensed Matter Physics I  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK7050, Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK8027, Quantum Field Theory  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK8007, Quantum Mechanics III  *
Week 43, 2017          
Tue24 October8-13FA32MasterFK7047, Quantum Optics   
Wed25 October8-13FA32MasterFK7057, Atomic Physics   
Thu26 October8-13FR4MasterFK7045, Electrodynamics   
Fri27 October8-13FA32MasterFK7048, Mathematical Methods in Physics   
Week 01, 2018          
Tue2 January8-13FR4MasterFK7045, Electrodynamics  *
  8-13FR4MasterFK7047, Quantum Optics  *
Wed3 January8-13FR4MasterFK7048, Mathematical Methods in Physics  *
Thu4 January8-13FR4MasterFK7057, Atomic Physics  *
Week 02, 2018          
Mon8 January8-13FA32MasterFK8024, Special topics in theoretical physics   
  8-13FA32MasterFK7048, Mathematical Methods in Physics  *
Tue9 January8-13FA32MasterFK7051, Nuclear Physics   
Week 11, 2018          
Mon12 March8-13FR4MasterFK8027, Quantum Field Theory   
  8-13FR4MasterFK7043, Detector Physics   
Tue13 March8-13FA32MasterFK7060, Condensed Matter Physics   
Wed14 March8-13FA32MasterFK7058, Statistical Physics   
Thu15 March8-13FR4MasterFK7061, Statistical Methods in Physics   
  8-13FR4MasterFK8028, Simulation Methods in Statistical Physics   
Fri16 March8-13FA32MasterFK7049, Analytical Mechanics   
Week 22, 2018          
Mon28 May8-13FR4MasterFK7063, Physical Measuring Techniques   
Wed30 May8-13FR4MasterFK7050, Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics   
Thu31 May8-13FA32MasterFK8025, General Relativity   
  8-13FA32MasterFK7054, Nanoscale Technology   
Fri1 June8-13FR4MasterFK8018, Quantum Field Theory for condensed matter   
  8-13FR4MasterFK7055, Accelerator Physics   
Week 24, 2018          
Mon11 June8-13FP22MasterFK8027, Quantum Field Theory  *
  8-13FP22MasterFK7043, Detector Physics  *
Tue12 June8-13FP22MasterFK7060, Condensed Matter Physics  *
  8-13FP22MasterFK7051, Nuclear Physics  *
Wed13 June8-13FP22MasterFK7058, Statistical Physics  *
  8-13FP22MasterFK7053, Superconductivity  *
Thu14 June8-13FP22MasterFK7061, Statistical Methods in Physics  *
  8-13FP22MasterFK8028, Simulation Methods in Statistical Physics  *
Fri15 June8-13FP22MasterFK7049, Analytical Mechanics  *
  8-13FP22MasterFK8024, Special topics in theoretical physics  *


FR4FR4: Oskar Klein-auditoriet, plan 4 AlbaNova
FD5FD5: The Svedberg-salen, plan 5 AlbaNova
FA32Lektionssal FA32, plan 3 AlbaNova
FB52Lektionssal FB52, plan 5 AlbaNova
LaduLaduvikssalen plan 6 ovanför Universitetsbiblioteket, Frescati
VartVärtasalen plan 6 ovanför Universitetbiblioteket, Frescati
BrunnBrunnsvikssalen plan 5 mellan hus A och B, södra husen, Frescati
UgglUgglevikssalen plan 5 vid hus E, södra husen, Frescati
A2Hörsal 2 i hus A, södra husen, Frescati
XXStill to be decided
FB54Lektionssal FB54, plan 5 AlbaNova
FB41Lektionssal FB41, plan 4 AlbaNova
FB42Lektionssal FB42, plan 4 AlbaNova
JonKJonkammaren, KS Solna, Hus Z5, plan U1
MSFBMSF Biblioteket, KS Solna, Hus P9, plan 2
TFTargetForum, KS Solna, Hus P8, plan0
FA31Lektionssal FA31, plan 3 AlbaNova
FP22Lektionssal FP22, Roslagstullsbacken 33 (Hus 1)
HemHome examination
FP21Lektionssal FP21, Roslagstullsbacken 33 (Hus 1)