The table below shows which years the alternating courses are planned to be given. However, this is not a guarantee that a certain course will be given a certain year, but merely an information about the current planning.

For more information, please contact the person responsible for the course or the academic advisors of the department.

Autumn term, odd years (2017, 2019 ...)

  • Atomic Physics, FK7057 (period AB)
  • Elementary Electronics, FK2009 (period AB)
  • Nuclear Physics, FK7051 (period CD)

Autumn term, even years (2018, 2020 ...)

  • Molecular Physics, (course code still missing) (period AB)
  • Digital System Construction I, FK4003 (period CD)


Spring term, odd years (2017, 2019 ...)

  • Elementary Particle Physics, FK7062 (period AB)

Spring term, even years (2018, 2020 ...)

  • Accelerator Physics, FK7055 (period CD)


Period AB is the first half, and period CD is the second half of the term.