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Atomic Physics
FK7002. 7.5 credits.

The course gives an introduction to modern atomic physics. It starts with methods to observe and measure properties of free and bound atoms. The main part is devoted to the quantum-mechanical description of one- and many-electron atomic systems. Relativistic effects, such as electron-spin and the fine-structure, as well as corrections for quantum-electrodynamic effects (Lambshift), are considered. Then the response of atoms in external electrical and magnetic fields plus applications are treated. The fundamental interaction between light and matter, and the principles of lasers and masers is a further subject. The course finishes with a paragraph on atomic collisions as an example for a time dependent phenomenon.

Course syllabus
The official course syllabus can be found here.
Grading criteria
Examination criteria for this course will be posted here at the latest when the course starts.
Course responsible
Svante Jonsell
tel: 08 5537 8625
e-mail: jonsell@fysik.su.se