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Programmes at the Department of Physics

Undergraduate courses at the Department of Physics of Stockholm University are split in two programmes. The Bachelor of Science Programme, corresponding to three years of full-time studies, followed by the Masters's programme corrseponding to two years of full-time studies.

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  • The Bachelor of Science Programmes

    The B.Sc. programmes which consists of three years of university studies exist with several profiles: Physics, Astronomy, Meteorology and Biophysics. In addition the 5-year vocational medical physicsit programme follows the same courses as the Physics B.Sc. programmes during the first two years.

  • Master of Science Programmes

    The two year M.Sc. programmes have three profiles: Physics, Theoretical Physics and Computational Physics. All programmes are taught in English, if needed, and are open for applications from any country. Note though that application proceedures, and dead-lines, differ depending on whether you are citizen of a EU/EES country or not.

  • Doctoral Studies

    After four years undergraduate studies (240 credits in Sweden) it is possible to start doctoral studies in order to obtain a Licentiate degree after 2-3 years and, after being awarded this degree, continue towards a PhD exam after totally 4-5 years