Graduation Project

To obtain your higher education qualifications and to be eligible for doctoral studies you have to complete at least one graduation project. For a masters degree this could be a project of 30, 45 or 60 credits. You can choose between:

Physics, degree project, 30 credits - FK9001.
Physics, degree project, 45 credits - FK9002.
Physics, degree project, 60 credits - FK9003.

To be eligible for doctoral studies at the Department of Physics you must have completed a project of at least 15 credits.

Literature: Selected by the supervisor, depending on the project.
Eligibility requirements: 90 credits in physics courses.
Registration: You need to register your project with the person responsible for the graduation projects. One member of the internal committee for graduation projects will be appointed contact person. The contact person will, in consultation with the committee, determine whether the proposal can be accepted as a graduation project. If it is accepted, then you should register for the project, just like any other course, at the Student office of the Department.

Information regarding schedule: See instructions and timeline for degree projects.

Supervision and schedule

The graduation project can be completed any time during the year, as agreed with the supervisor. The presentation of the project should in normal circumstances take place during term time.

Selecting a project

It is you who propose a project and a supervisor. You can find a number of suggestions here:

Doing the project abroad

It is possible for you to do your graduation project abroad.

Responsible for graduation projects

Svante Jonsell
Tel. 08-5537 8625