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Master's programme in physics

This programme is a two year programme directed to students with a B.Sc. degree and who wish to continue in the direction of modern physics and front line research.

Physics is anchored in the real world thanks to observations and carefully controlled experiments. Innovative experiments allow to observe new phenomena and confirm or invalidate new theories. The Master programme in physics provides a training to be able to plan, perform, and analyze advanced experiments. The master programme in physics also provides the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in one or a few areas of expertise.

In physics, the art of designing crucial and ever more sensitive experiments to test new hypotheses and explore new domains is crucial to the development of physics and acquisition of new knowledge.

The programme is a very good preparation for future PhD studies in experimental physics. Our research groups at Stockholm University cover most of the hottest research topics in modern physics:

• Atomic physics,
• Elementary particle physics,
• Instrumentation physics,
• Chemical physics,
• Condensed matter and quantum optics,
• Cosmology and astroparticle physics,
• Nuclear physics,
• Medical radiation physics.

All teachers are also engaged in front line research. Examples of major experimental projects that are engaging researchers from the department are: the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s LHC (particle physics), IceCube at the south pole (astro-particle physics), FAIR in Darmstadt (atomic and nuclear physics), XFEL in Hamburg (molecular physics), DESIREE in Stockholm (atomic physics) and satellite projects like FERMI (cosmology and astro-particle physics).

A central part of the programme is the master thesis project which gives the opportunity to expand your studies into one actual research area in close collaboration with one research group at the physics department. The master thesis project also provides a solid experience of how a project is planned, carried out and how results are presented in written and oral form.

The thorough training with project planning, instrumentation and measuring procedures is an excellent preparation for front line development work in industry or for public work.