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Introduction to Quantum Information and Quantum Computation
FK7037. 7,5 credits.

The course covers the rapidly expanding research field of quantum information and quantum computation. The course is an information theoretic approach to basic laws of quantum physics. The course consists of four parts: 1. Basic quantum mechanics including quantum entanglement and quantum measurement. 2. Classical information theory and its generalization to quantum information. Quantum channels and quantum cryptography. 3. Quantum computing: quantum gates and elementary quantum circuits, quantum algorithms, and quantum error correcting codes. 4. Physical realizations. The course conveys skills are useful to follow the developments in disciplines such as quantum information and quantum computers.

Course period

v12-21 VT2017. after this, the course will next be taught Spring 2015


S. Stenholm and K. Suominen , Quantum Approach to Informatics, Wiley 2005

Teaching forms

Lectures combined with problem sessions.


Homeworks and an oral exam

Current information

More information see the course Homepage


Jonas Larson Room: C5:3017, tel: 08 5537 8217, e-post: Jonas.Larson@fysik.su.se
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Course syllabus
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Grading criteria
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Course responsible
Jonas Larson
tel: 08 5537 8217
e-mail: Jonas.Larson@fysik.su.se