Quantum field theory for condensed matter - VT 2017

On this website, we will put the materials for the cours `Quantum Field theory for condensed matter' given during the spring of 2017. If you have questions, please contact Eddy Ardonne via email (ardonne@fysik.su.se).

Fysikum's website with course facts: FK8018.

Course websites from previous years Spring 2015 (Hans Hansson), Spring 2016 (David Abergel).

Updated information will be given during the lectures and via this website.


If you want to follow the course, you should register via antagning.se. Once you are accepted, register via mina studier or contact Gorica Nikolic at studentexpeditionen (also if you run into problems).



The scedule for the lectures, etc is available: as a pdf file and as html.


(email aliases for fysik.su.se in parentheses)

  • Eddy Ardonne (ardonne)
    Course responsible, lectures
    tfn 5537 8596, rum C5:3025

  • Iman Mahyaeh (iman.mahyaeh)
    tfn 5537 8086, rum C5:3022


The course is based on Condensed Matter Field Theory, by A. Altland and B. Simons (both first and second edition are ok).

Lectures & Tutorials

The lecture notes (which are only lecture notes!) will be uploaded after the lectures. The exercise sets will be uploaded before the sessions.

date session description material
March 22 Lec. 1 Intro and second quantization;
AS chapter 2
notes lecture 1
March 24 Lec. 2 Applications of second quantization;
AS chapter 2, till p. 66
notes lecture 2
March 29 Lec. 3 Hubbard model and Magnetism;
AS chapter 2, till p. 83, but not 67-75
notes lecture 3
March 31 Tut. 1 Exercises related to AS chapter 2 Exercise set 1
April 5 Lec. 4 Path integrals and coherent states;
AS chapter 3,4
notes lecture 4
April 7 Lec. 5 Path integral for quantum partition function; Matsubara sums
AS chapter 4
notes lecture 5
April 12 Lec. 6 Perturbation theory
AS chapter 5
notes lecture 6
April 19 Lec. 7 Perturbation theory
AS chapter 5
notes lecture 7
April 21 Lec. 8 Linear response
AS chapter 7
notes lecture 8
April 26 Tut. 3 Exercise set 2 Exercise set 2
April 28 Lec. 9 Superconductivity
AS section 6.4
notes lecture 9
May 3 Lec. 10 Superconductifity, cont.
AS section 6.4
notes lecture 10
May 5 Tut 4. Phonons and Exercise set 2
May 10 Lec. 11 BEC
AS section 6.3
notes lecture 11
May 12 Lec. 12 BEC and Majorana bound states
Kitaev & Laumann, sections 1,2
notes lecture 12
May 12 Tut. 5 Exercise set 3 Exercise set 3
May 17 Tut. 6 Exercise set 3
May 19 Lec 13 Toric code
Kitaev & Laumann, sec 3,4 up to 4.2
notes lecture 13
May 24 Lec 14 Toric code, continuation. notes lecture 14
May 26 Question session
June 1 Exam


The final exam will be on Thursday, june 1st. It will be a take-home exam. It will be mailed out at 8:00, and should be handed in to Gorica at the student expedition on Friday, june 2nd, 13:00 at the latest. You can email a pdf file, or hand in a paper version in person.

Grade criteria

The hand in exercises make up 0.60 of the grade, the final exam 0.40. The grade boundaries are as follows:
Fx: 0.45, E: 0.5, D: 0.6, C: 0.7, B: 0.8, A: 0.9