Eddy Ardonne Fysikum

CFT-course fall 2008

During the fall semester of 2008, I will be teaching an introductory course in Conformal Field Theory. This course will start from the basics, and not assume any previous knowledge of conformal field theory. Some basic knowledge about quantum field theory will definitely be helpful. The course will consist of lectures (once a week, 2 times 45 minutes), as well as exercises which will be provided. For the basics, I will be following (parts of) `Conformal Field Theory', by Di Francesco, P. Mathieu and Sénéchal (Springer, New York, 1997). For the more advanced topics at the end, I will hand out additional material.

Time and place

Topics covered

The topics which will be covered are listed below. Whether or not some of the more advanced topics will be covered depends on the time available.


Details about examination for those who want to take the course for points will be given during the first lecture. This course will be a 7.5 point (ECTS) course.