Nobel Symposium 156
New forms of matter: topological insulators and superconductors

funded by

Knut and Alice Wallenberg
foundation Nobel Symposia Nordita Nordita


The list of confirmed participants:

  • J. Alicea
  • A. Altland
  • E.Y. Andrei
  • E. Ardonne
  • A.V. Balatsky
  • C.W.J. Beenakker
  • E.J. Bergholtz
  • B.A. Bernevig
  • A.M. Black-Schaffer
  • J.C. Budich
  • C. Chamon
  • N.R. Cooper
  • S. Das Sarma
  • K. Flensberg
  • E. Fradkin
  • L. Fu
  • F.D.M. Haldane
  • T.H. Hansson
  • M.Z. Hasan
  • M. Heiblum
  • H. Johannesson
  • T.L. Hughes
  • C.L. Kane
  • A. Kapitulnik
  • A. Karlhede
  • J. Linder
  • A.W.W. Ludwig
  • C.M. Marcus
  • E.J. Mele
  • L.W. Molenkamp
  • J.E. Moore
  • C. Mudry
  • T. Neupert
  • J. Nilsson
  • F. von Oppen
  • S. Östlund
  • X.-L. Qi
  • N. Read
  • R. Roy
  • S. Ryu
  • M. Sato
  • A.P. Schnyder
  • A. Stern
  • D.J. Van Harlingen
  • A. Vishwanath
  • G.E. Volovik
  • F. Wilczek
  • H.Q. Xu
  • Q.-K. Xue
  • A. Yazdani
  • S.-C. Zhang
  • M.R. Zirnbauer

Dates and time

The scientific program will take place from Friday, June 13 till Sunday, June 15 (with the program ending at 18:00). The hotel rooms at the venue are booked from Thursday, June 12 till Monday, June 16, and we advice you to arrange your travel such that you arrive on Thursday, June 12. Please let us know your arrival and departure days once you know them, so that we can inform the conference center.

Scientific Program

The scientific program can be down-loaded: with abstracts or without abstracts.

Pdf versions of some of the talks can by downloaded by following this link to the presentations.


The symposium will be held at Högberga Gård, Lidingö (here is the link to their site in swedish) in the vicinity of Stockholm.


The easiest way to travel to the symposium venue is by flying to Arlanda Airport, which is about 40km north of Stockholm. We advice you to take a taxi from Arlanda Airport, which allows one to bypass the city center. Go to one of the clearly marked official taxi stands at the airport, and take a taxi of one of the following companies: Taxi 020, Taxikurir or Taxi Stockholm (NOT Stockholm Taxi!). Ask for a fixed price; the cost of a one-way trip should not be more than 700 SEK. The companies mentioned above accept major credit cards. See 'Quick-facts' below for more information on taxis. We will make arrangement for taxis to travel back to the airport.

It is also possible to travel from Arlanda Airport to the conference center by public transport, which takes about an hour. The easiest is to take the Arlanda Express to Stockholm, which directly goes to Stockholm Central Station. Form there, one takes the subway (Tunnelbanan) line 13 (one of the red lines) in the direction Ropsten, where you get off. Change to bus 21X or 21, in the direction Gåshaga, and get of at the stop Seglarvägen. When you get of the bus, turn right and walk till you get to the street Högbergavägen, and follow the signs to Högberga Gård from there. It's about a 900 meter walk.


The cost of living will be covered by the symposium for all invited participants. Travel costs will be reimbursed, up to the maximal amount that was mentioned in the invitation e-mail. Froms to get reimbursed will be provided during the symposium.

Organizing committee

The organizing committee consists of:


The address of the conference center:
Högberga Gård
Grindstigen 5-6
181 62 Lidingö

tel: +46 8 546 46 100

Some maps: a detailed map; a zoomed out map; an interactive map.

Information about:
Arlanda airport
Taxis at Arlanda
Taxi Stockholm
Arlanda Express
Public transport in Stockholm
General information about Stockholm