DarkSUSY - Download

Welcome to DarkSUSY's download page

Below you will find the current release of DarkSUSY for you to download. We encourage you to register as a DarkSUSY user.

Current version

To find out what is new, please check the version HISTORY. If you want even more details, check out the subversion log.

Previous versions

Note: If you have a new set of compilers and get errors during make regarding strcopy and similar things, you need a patched version of galrop. Download the following patch, and unpack it in the DarkSUSY root directory with 'tar zxvf galprop-patch.tar.gz'. Then do configure and make again. After that, your DarkSUSY installation should work.


Even older versions

If you for some reason want an even older version, here they are...

Last modified 2015-12-22.