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Welcome to my homepage! Here you can find information about my teaching, research, etc. Contact information at the bottom of this page - please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail in case you have any questions.

Latest news: During 2015/2016 I teach on Mechanics I, Mechanics II and Quantum mechanics. I will also work as "pedagogical ambassador" at Fysikum, with grants by CeUL (Centre for university teacher's education). Blog at emmawikberg.wordpress.com is still available for reading, though not very active at the moment due to other writing projects.

What I do

I am a theoretical physicist within condensed matter/quantum physics, working at Fysikum , Stockholm University. My primary interest is teaching (current teaching duties are described below), but I am also engaged in student and alumni activities and networking, PR projects, student recruitment and promoting physics to schools and the public.

Teaching 2015/2016

During autumn and winter I give tutorials on the first-year courses Mekanik I and Mekanik 2 within Klassisk fysik.

In the coming spring (2016), I and a colleague are course responsibles for the new course Kvantmekanik, which is currently under development. We are planning the course based on evidence based teaching methods - active learning and peer instruction - and hope for a successful outcome.


Main topic: Fractional quantum Hall effect.

Doctoral thesis 'Non-abelian quantum Hall states and fractional charges in one dimension' (2013), and pdf version of my talk.

Licentiate thesis 'Non-abelian quantum Hall states on the thin torus' (2009), and pdf version of my talk.

Paper on generalized charge splitting and increased degeneracies in a 1D lattice with non-convex interactions: arxiv:1210.7162v1
Paper on new CDW states and fractionally charged domain walls in 1D optical lattices (written in 2011 together with Jonas Larson, Emil J. Bergholtz and Anders Karlhede: arxiv:1109.3384v1
Paper on a spin-1/2 description of bosons at \nu=1 (written in 2009 together with Emil and Anders): arXiv:0903.4093v2
Paper about non-abelian quantum Hall states (written in 2008 together with Eddy Ardonne, Emil and Janik Kailasvuori): arXiv:0802.0675v1
Paper on the pfaffian Moore-Read state on the thin torus (written in 2006 together with Anders, Hans Hansson, Emil and Janik): arXiv:cond-mat/0604251v2

Master's thesis on 'Exploring Exotic Quantum Hall States Using Exact Diagonalization' (2006).


In my spare time I write. Published articles and more can be found on my blog emmawikberg.wordpress.com and, at some point in the "future" spacetime, at www.emmawikberg.com (under construction).

I am engaged in the Swedish Humanist Association, Humanisterna (member of the national congress, and sometimes I visit schools to talk about rationalism, science/religion, human rights etc.), and previously in the Swedish organization for the legalization of euthanasia, Rätten till en värdig död (board member).

Contact information

Emma Wikberg
Theory of Quantum Matter group
Department of Physics
Stockholm University
AlbaNova University Center
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Visiting address: Roslagstullsbacken 21

E-mail address: emma@fysik.su.se
Blog: emmawikberg.wordpress.com

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