Mikael Kardell Fremling

About Me

I am a PhD student at the Theory of Quantum Matter group (TQM) at Fysikum, Stockholm University.


The main focus of my research is on Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.
My two supervisors are Hans Hansson and Anders Karlhede.

Fremling M., Hansson T. H., Suorsa J.
Hall viscosity of hierarchical quantum Hall states
Phys. Rev. B 89 125303 (2014)

Fremling M.
Coherent state wave functions on a torus with a constant magnetic field
J. Phys. A 46 275302 (2013)

Kardell M., Karlhede A.
Exclusion statistics for quantum Hall states in the Tao-Thouless limit
J. Stat. Mech 2011 P02037 (2011)

My full resume is avaliable here.
My ORCiD: 0000-0002-4158-3041
My ResearchGate: MIkael Fremling


In May 2013 i defended my licentaite thesis Coherent State Wave Functions on the Torus.

In September 2008 i defended my master thesis Dark Halos in The Milky Way.


At the moment i have no teaching dusties at Fysikum.

Here I keep a full list of my teaching experiences.


In december 2013 I was invited to the Nobel museum to give a lecture when they comemorated the centenial of the Bohr modell.

During the Summer of 2013 i recorded an episode for Kvacksnack Sommar 2013 where I talked about my life as a PhD student, alleged pyramids in Bosnia and the board game Go.

In February 2013 i was invited to give a lecture at the Pop Science Pub, organized by Vetenskap och folkbildning, to talk about "Kvantmekanik för dummies".

In December 2012 i participated in the radio show Institutet where I talked about tunneling.


When writing reports och hand-in-exercices it is generally nicest to do this in LaTex.
Having said that, many people find latex cumbersome or hostile (I don't blame them). My suggestion is to start with a visual latex editor instead.
The one I'm thinking of is called LyX and is avaliable for Windows, Mac and of course Linux (write "apt-get install lyx" on command line).

When writing in LyX/LaTex there are some special notations one would often like to use. I therefore have a file containing examples of different macros that can come quite in handy.
(The collection of macros does contain some special packages so you might not be able to make a pdf/dvi on a vanilla instalation of LyX).

Contact information

Mikael Kardell Fremling
Theory of Quantum Matter
Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics
Department of Physics
Stockholm University
AlbaNova University Center
SE-106 91 Stockholm

E-mail address: fremling@fysik.su.se
Visiting address: Roslagstullsbacken 21
Room: A5:1075
office: +46 8 5537 8742
mobile: +46 73 530 95 99

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