FK 5024 - Particle and nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology (7.5 hp)

Autumn 2017, weeks 35-43

The course will be taught by: Lars BergströmDavid MilsteadLuca Visinelli; Assistants: Anthony BonfilsSeméli Papadogiannakis



Particle physics: The standard model of particle physics, Feynman diagrams to illustrate processes and estimate cross sections
Nuclear physics: The properties of the nucleus, alpha, beta and gamma decay, nuclear reactions, ethical assessments and assessments of the impact on society
Astrophysics and cosmology: Stars and galaxies and our place in the universe, the early universe, nuclear synthesis, dark matter and dark energy

Course Schedule

Formula sheet for the exam. (The formulas may change somewhat depending on the exam, but the constants will not.)



Minimum requirements for passing:

The final grade will be determined based on the result on the written exam, see here.

Important dates

·         Tuesday, October 3rd: Deadline for hand-in problems, set I

·         Tuesday, October 3rd: Seminar I

·         Thursday, October 12th: Deadline for hand-in problems, set II (Example solutions)

·         Thursday, October 12th: Seminar II

·         Tuesday, October 17th: Deadline for hand-in problems, set III (Example solutions)

·         Thursday, October 19th: Seminar III

·         Thursday, October 26th: Exam

Previous Exams

2016 Examination

with solution

2017 Examination   

2017 Solution