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Oskar Klein Centre,
Department of Physics,
Stockholm University
Roslagstullsbacken 21
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46-8-5537 8848

Rahman Amanullah

I am a researcher in observational astrophysics and cosmology at the Oskar Klein Centre at Stockholm University. My research topic is to study the expansion history of the universe by observing distant supernovae. The goal is to understand the nature of dark energy. I have been a member of the Supernova Cosmology Project since 2001.

Popular description of supernova cosmology and dark energy

TEDx talk (11:30) on the accelerating universe.

An introduction to supernova cosmology (in Swedish) that was first published in Populär astronomi.

When I was a postdoc at UC Berkeley, KQED made a documentary about dark energy and our research group.

An interview (in Swedish) with Ariel Goobar on supernovae, dark energy and his work with Saul Perlmutter in the early 1990's in connection to the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics.

Other popular science

Talk (in Swedish) on the cosmic mikrowave background (39:59).

Crosstalks discussion on Is physics changing our understanding of the world? with John Ellis, Jonas Strandberg and Sten Hellman.


Full publication list.

See for the latest tables, figures and papers of the Union compilation


I currently teach Cosmology and particle astrophysics FK7007 and Kärn- och partikelfysik, astrofysik och kosmologi FK5024 at Stockholm University.