Baltic Breakfast

Baltic Breakfast

Webinars on Baltic Sea science of societal relevance

Baltic Breakfast is a series of short breakfast webinars organised by the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. Their aim is to present the latest knowledge about issues of central importance to the Baltic Sea environment. The breakfast webinars are addressed to people in different sectors working for a sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region and everyone interested in environmental issues of the Baltic Sea. 

Baltic breakfast: Healthy coastal ecosystems are crucial to mitigate climate change

The coastal zones are among the most effective areas on Earth at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Treated right, these ecosystems are important cornerstones in climate change mitigation, but if degraded, they instead release large amounts of greenhouse gases, re-enforcing global warming.

Baltic Breakfast: Increased consumption of seafood from a sustainability perspective

Summer vacation is approaching with lots of barbecue opportunities. But what should we eat? Will increased consumption of seafood benefit food sustainability and the marine ecosystems? What can science tell us about environmental impact of increased seafood consumption? Are consumers interested in buying sustainable seafood?

Is advanced wastewater treatment a good way to reduce micropollutant flows to the Baltic Sea?

Is better treatment of municipal wastewater a good way to reduce the flow of micropollutants to the Baltic Sea? At this webinar researcher Emma Undeman presents current science on the topic and Olga Rublevskaya, Director of technology development at wastewater treatment plant Vodokanal, talks about existing technology of wastewater treatment in St. Petersburg and the possible future development.

Baltic Breakfast: Micropollutants in wastewater

At the upcoming Baltic Breakfast 17 March researchers from the Chempact project present recent research on micropollutants entering the Baltic Sea through wastewater.

Chemicals and hazardous substances accumulates in our seas. Photo: Tomas Järnetun/ Azote

Baltic Breakfast on the new EU Chemicals Strategy

A Baltic Breakfast webinar where chemical experts from Stockholm University and The Royal Institute of Technology gave their views on the recently presented EU Chemicals Strategy.

Baltic Breakfast: The New Baltic Sea Action Plan

See the filmed Baltic Breakfast webinar on the new scientific findings that form the basis for HELCOM’s update of the Baltic Sea Action Plan!

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