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Askö Laboratory

Our marine field station is perfect for research, education, monitoring and meetings. It is situated in the beautiful archipelago, about 80 km south of Stockholm. Laboratories, advanced measuring- and sampling equipment, as well as several vessels and boats are available.

R/VElectra af Askö

R/V Electra af Askö

Our ice-breaking research ship is 24,3 metres long and 7 metres wide. It is equipped with technical instruments for water- sediment- and geophysical sampling.

Bojen sjösätts av Askös personal

Environmental conditions measured in real-time

At station B1 right outside the Askö Laboratory an automatic measuring buoy records oceanographic data in real-time. It is part of a network of similar measuring buoys along Sweden’s coast.

Models and decision support

At the Baltic Sea Centre we use various models to predict and analyze data about the Baltic Sea. For example our decision support system Nest consists of several interconnected models and databases mapping the Baltic Sea ecosystem. The Nest system is freely available online!

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All our news, events and information is available at our new site

Modern infrastructure

- for successful marine research 

Marine science requires advanced equipment. The Baltic Sea Centre provides ships and a field station for research, monitoring and education in the Baltic Sea. 

Environmental monitoring

- a necessity to understand the sea

Environmental monitoring are regularly performed investigations to record the environmental status and changes in the environment.