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  • The Horsehead nebula can be seen in this portion of the The Zwicky Transient Facility sees “first light”: a new era in the study of the dynamic sky 2021-07-02 The Zwicky Transient Facility is now ready to start operations. A new robotic camera with the ability to capture hundreds of thousands of galaxies in a single shot has taken its first image of the sky. The recently installed camera is part of a new automated sky-survey project based at the Palomar Observatory in California and a revolutionising tool for the study of rapidly varying cosmic phenomena
  • Chemicals and hazardous substances accumulates in our seas. Photo: Tomas Järnetun/ Azote Baltic Breakfast on the new EU Chemicals Strategy 2020-12-10 A Baltic Breakfast webinar where chemical experts from Stockholm University and The Royal Institute of Technology gave their views on the recently presented EU Chemicals Strategy.
  • Academia represented at EU level 2020-10-28 Professor Christina Rudén has been selected as an observer to CARACAL, an expert group under the European Commission. Stockholm University the only academic organization in this important advisory group on chemicals in EU.