Prof. Hiranya Peiris. Photo: Serena Nobili /Oskar Klein Centre


The project, “Understanding the dynamic universe”, will help Swedish researchers leverage the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). LSST, which is currently being constructed, will survey over half the sky in six different colors every few days producing a motion picture of our Universe. Local astronomers will use LSST to focus on three areas : the galaxy catalogue, faint galaxies which help understand the nature of dark matter, and time-varying phenomena including supernovae and the electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources.

Dr. Peiris says, “It was fabulous to receive the news that the grant was awarded, because exciting projects that have been awaiting the news can now move forward. In the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration underlying the Oskar Klein Centre, this grant will also get researchers in the Physics and Astronomy Departments working together in new ways, bringing different strands of expertise to bear on some of the biggest questions in physics. I am particularly looking forward to that interdisciplinary aspect.”