OKC10 day will take place at Artipelag, a modern art and event space situated among the sparkling water, Scots pine trees, and ice-sculpted rocks of the beautiful Stockholm archipelago.

OKC10 day will include diverse contributions from current and former members of the OKC. There will also be plenty of time to catch up with colleagues and enjoy the surrounding nature. All OKC members are welcome!


Artipelag (Photos: Anders Fredriksen)




9.00 - Meet at Nybrokajen to take the M/S Evert Taube ferry (leaving from kajplats 15) to Artipelag

10.30 - 10.45  Small breakfast in the main Artipelag entrance space

10.45 - 12.35

     Welcome, Hiranya Peiris

     Big Questions In Cosmology, Sean Carroll (50+10)

     OKC History, Lars Bergström (15+5)

     Theoretical gravity, Rachel Rosen (20+5)

     SN Ia and the OKC, Ariel Goobar (15+5)

12.55-14.15  Lunch in the main Artipelag restaurant

14.15 - 15.45 

     Searching for Dark Matter with Direct Detection, Knut Morå (15+5)

     Physics of Radiation Therapy, Oscar Stål (RaySearch Laboratories) (15+5)

     SNe neutrinos, Erin O'Sullivan (15+5)

     Future of Cosmo-particle Physics panel discussion (30)

            Moderator : Sean Carroll

            Panel : Garrelt Mellema, Hiranya Peiris, Sara Strandberg,

            Lars Bergström, Stephan Rosswog, Rachel Rosen, Jan Conrad

15.45 - 16.30   Fika

16.30 - 18.00

     The Neutrino Sky with IceCube, Chad Finley (20+5)

     Neutron star mergers, gravitational waves and heavy elements, Stephan Rosswog (20+5)

     CMB, neutrino masses and the OKC, Martina Gerbino (15+5)

     ATLAS Beyond the Standard Model, Christian Ohm (15+5)

18.15 Drinks on the Artipelag Terrace

19.00 Dinner

After dinner a bus will bring everyone back T-Centralen.


Read more about the location at artipelag.se


Artipelag (Photo: Anders Fredriksen)
Artipelag (Photo: Anders Fredriksen)