On 23 March, Edsvik Konsthall opened its doors to outer space in an exhibition where science meets art: "Inner and Outer Space - our Universe is expanding." The exhibition is the result of a unique collaboration between the Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics at Stockholm University and Edsvik Konsthall art gallery in Sollentuna. During just under one year, researchers from the Oskar Klein Centre and twenty artists have met to discuss and collaborate on our biggest open questions about the Universe, and the role creativity plays in both worlds. The artists have translated the dialogue into new works of art in painting, photography, sculpture, video art, objects, installation and performance.

Unique collaboration: artists and scientists discover the universe together

"Cosmology is the study of our Universe as a whole. We are curious about the Universe, and how science for a century has revolutionized our understanding of it! Our picture has gone from a single galaxy in an unchanging Universe, to billions of galaxies in an accelerating, expanding Universe. What does that mean for us as humans? How can we understand and interpret the new knowledge that science gives us? " says Martin Sahlén, project leader and former researcher at the Oskar Klein Centre (now at the University of Oxford).

The idea for the collaboration between scientists and artists grew out of a conversation between Martin Sahlén and Ricardo Donoso, head of Edsvik Konsthall, about exploring creative interpretations of modern cosmology. Through dialogues and workshops, participants have together explored what our scientific knowledge says about the Universe, and how that can be interpreted from a human perspective. "What I appreciated most in this project have been the visits to artists' studios. It's really striking how many similarities there are between the way they work and my everyday life as a scientist" says Rahman Amanullah, researcher in supernova cosmology at the Oskar Klein Centre. "Although the essence of our work is new creative ideas there is still a truth in Einstein's worn quote about that being 1% inspiration and 99% hard work."


The idea behind the selection of artists has been to get as broad a spectrum as possible in terms of techniques and methods. The exhibition includes works in painting, photography, video art, sculpture, object, installation and performance. The same idea applies to the choice of countries and cultures. Antonio Briceño in photography from Venezuela, Fernando Garrido in painting from Mexico, Inger Sannes in sculpture from Norway, Julia Boix-Vives in video art from Holland, as well as participants from Spain, Italy, Egypt, Colombia, Macedonia and a large selection of Swedish artists.
We also have the pleasure of presenting photos taken during the space journeys of Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang, who is also a member of the Oskar Klein Centre.

Edsvik Konsthall will have special evening openings on Wednesdays during the exhibition to welcome researchers from the Oskar Klein Centre who will give popular lectures about cosmology: e.g. the beginning and development of the Universe, the life of galaxies, dark matter, dark energy and string theory. (Some lectures will be held on weekend afternoons). Guided tours in English, Swedish, Spanish and Italian will also be given.

The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics at Stockholm University is the largest research center for cosmology and astroparticle physics in Sweden, and one of the largest in Europe. About 100 researchers work in leading international groups on cosmology and particle physics. They are involved, among other things, in large experiments such as the ATLAS detector at CERN, the Fermi satellite, and supernova cosmology projects that explores the expansion of the Universe.

Edsvik Konsthall in Sollentuna is one of the largest art galleries in Sweden and arranges many exhibitions of Swedish and international artists in contemporary art.

Exhibition: 23 March to 14 April (formal opening 23 March 13.30)
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11.00-17.00, Wednesdays also 17.00-21.00
Edsvik Konsthall, Landsnoravägen 42, 192 51 Sollentuna

Oskar Klein Centre: http://okc.albanova.se
Edsvik Konsthall art gallery: http://www.edsvik.com/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/324244261012941/



The catalogue printed for the exhibition: Inner & Outer Space - our Universe expands - Edsvik konsthallen march-april 2013



Martin Sahlén, project leader
Serena Nobili, communication manager for the Oskar Klein Centre
Kristina Malmgren, project manager, Edsvik Konsthall,
Ricardo Donoso, art gallery manager


Sat 23/3 13:30
Formal opening ceremony
Lars Bergström, director of the Oskar Klein Centre
Martin Sahlén, project leader
Kristina Malmgren, project manager, Edsvik Konsthall

Wed 27/3 at 18:30
Martin Sahlén, researcher in cosmology, Beecroft Institute, University of Oxford
"Our Universe is expanding: the new space mysteries" - In Swedish

Sat 30/3 at 15:00
Emily Freeland, researcher in astronomy, Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm University
"The Fast and the Furious: Lives of Stars and Galaxies" - in English

Wed 3/4 at 18:30
Rahman Amanullah, researcher in cosmology, Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm University
"Supernovae and our accelerating Universe" - In Swedish

Wed 10/4 at 18:30
Chad Finley, researcher in astroparticle physics, Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm University
"Neutrinos and Dark Matter: Messages from Invisible Worlds" - in English

Sun 14/4 at 15:00
Bo Sundborg, associate professor of theoretical physics, Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm University
"String theory and Einstein's theory of relativity" - In Swedish

Fernando Garrido
Fernando Garrido


List of artists

Christer Fuglesang
Lennart Kaltea
Margareta Ternström
Ingvar Staffans
Inger Sannes
Sam Westerholm
Jill Höjeberg
Steffano Beccari
Maria Luisa Hernandez
Antonio Briceño
Bassem Amer
Fernando Garrido
Anna Löwdin
Sergio Perea Jerez
Sonja Lindell
Anne-Lie Larsson Ljung
Bo Ljung
Nelson Salazar Luna
Jan-Erik Brask
Ingela Hageman
Julia Boix-Vives
Anna Kristina Malmgren
Åsa Wrange
Dalibor Trencevski
Gabriele Garavini
Ricardo Donoso
Gerhard Eckel
Ivan Chaparro
Ricardo Dueñas