Geniunt boende på Askö

Accommodation and catering 

  • Do not hesitate to contact the staff to get info regarding cooking arrangements, catering and food stores nearby.
  • There is no store on Askö, but for those staying long we'll arrange assistance or food-shopping trips. 
  • We can accommodate about 40 people in the main buildings, or one of the cozy cottages. Read more about housing.  

Staff and transport

  • ALWAYS contact the staff if you plan on going to Askö.
  • The staff at Askö is on the island during normal work hours, approximately between 8.00 – 16:00.
  • The boat transport to Askö departs from Uttervik 08:00 and goes back from Askö at 16:00, read more about getting to Askö. 
  • Make sure to schedule time to borrow our bikes, make picnic and explore the island - ask the staff and bring a map! 
  • For moving heavy equipment, we have various motor vehicles to help out.

Your Askö stay

  • During winter time there is usually a lot of space on the station, on the other hand it can be very crowded during summer months.
  • It is prohibited to smoke in the station facilities, including the decks, the cuisine and boat houses.
  • If something breaks or doesn’t work, always inform the staff.