Price list

Price list

Costs for visits from universities and authorities

Research, sampling, field work, courses, meetings and workshops
Thesis workers conducting field work or experiments stay for free during three months. PhDs at Stockholm University can apply for our Askö Grant. All prices are in Swedish SEK. 

Askö    Universities Authorities  
Day per day 150 150  
24-hours per 24-hours 300 300  
Additional boat-rides per ride 1 200 1 200  
Storage 1 kvm (beyond actual experiment period) per month 100    
Assistance per hour 350    
Hazardous waste   Actual cost    
Transport on the regular boat-rides, usage of conference rooms, labs, climate rooms and experiment hall, is included. Read more about our resources!        


More about what is included:

  • Transportation between Uttervik-Askö with regular boat-rides (twice a day) is free. Additional departures are offered, but limited to available staff and time. Ask the staff for more information! 
  • Sleeping accommodation in single or double rooms, (bedsheets are not provided)
  • Access to:
    • Kitchens, lecture hall with projector, library and common rooms
    • Desk, study room, WiFi and acess to printer
    • Laboratory with brackish water supply and lab equipment
    • Field- and sampling equipment
    • Small boats (requires an introduction at the station)

Costs for usage of our ships and boats

At Askö Laboratory we have a different boats and ships. They are used for transport, research, monitoring and education. Read more about our ships and boats!

Ship   Universities Authorities Full cost price
R/V Electra af Askö        
Day-expedition(1) per hour 1 300 1 900 2 400
Expeditions - list prices(2)        
2 crew per 24-hours 18 000 24 000 33 000
3 crew per 24-hours 22 000 31 000 39 000
4 crew per 24-hours 26 000 37 000 48 000
Limanda per hour 800    
Sprattus per hour 500    
Perca per hour 300    

1) Minimum charge: 4 hours
2) Cost per expeditions is calculated upon booking

Other prices apply FOR COURSES on Electra - contact Eva Lindell to know more.




Other facilities

You find all our research facilities here


  • Assistance in field sampling, transportation with all-terrain vehicle, workshop service, construction work etc, depending on available staff and time. 350 SEK/h + material cost
  • Collection of material such as fish, mussles, sediment, water etc.
    Fee according to agreement.

Special equipment:

  • Underwater footage with our ROV. Fee according to agreement.

Welcome to Askö! 

Feel free to contact us to get inspiration, help and useful guidance! Read about the booking procedure, and apply directly on-line! 


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