Education at Askö Laboratory

During the spring and right after summer many courses are out to do their field part on the Askö Laboratory. Large classes or smaller groups can all conduct various brackish-water experiments, both in the laboratories and out in the field.

Field work in practice

Many marine university courses use Askö Laboratory for their field part. Most students are university students who study all from undergraduate to highly specialized graduate courses. Approximately 400 students spends shorter or longer time at the Askö Laboratory annually. In all, about twenty different courses are organized on the island. Read about previous courses.

Important resource for teaching

Askö Laboratory offer its resources mainly to courses on university level. Most are affiliated with Stockholm University but other universities in the region also use the resources. Depending on lab- and lodging availablility, any external course is accepted, such as high school courses with special marine focus.

Havets komplexitet kräver kunskap om de processer som sker i havet

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