Meetings and visits

Meetings and visits at the Laboratory

Askö Laboratory with its idyllic appearance is in many ways ideal for both creative meetings as inspirational and educational field trips. The isolated location and the beautiful surroundings provide a peaceful environment and a immediate presence that is otherwise hard to reach. Many visitors can try the field equipment on their own or why not collect some animals and plants to study in one of the laboratories?!

Knowledge well received 

Policymakers and opinion leaders often want to deepen their knowledge and have the opportunity to discuss important issues with experts in the field. Askö Laboratory is an excellent venue for such meetings, where both research and the marine environment is well presented and enable fruitful discussions. Even environmental groups, societies and professional groups from different directions often come to learn more about the Baltic Sea and marine research, and journalists find it exciting to do interviews and reports. In the middle of the ocean, so to speak!

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