Programme structure and contact information

BEAM is a collaboration between ten research units at Stockholm University and combines and integrates the University’s successful research on Baltic ecosystems, contaminants, natural resource management and ecological models for environmental management.

Who are BEAM?

  • The coordinating taskforce-team consists of one person from each research cluster and the communication team. Their meetings are chaired by the network coordinator. Read more...
  • The BEAM lead group BEAM is led by a group of seven senior scientist appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Science. Their meetings are chaired by the programme coordinator Ragnar Elmgren. Read more...
  • BEAM Researchers Five main research areas have been identified to play a considerable role in producing a sustainable management for the Baltic Sea: Climate change, Ecosystem functioning, Hazardous substances, Laws and management and Nutrient enrichment. Read more...


Network Coordinator
Thorsten Blenckner
Stockholm Resilience Centre
+46 8 674 76 69

Programme Coordinator
Ragnar Elmgren
Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
+46 8 16 40 16

Nastassja Åstrand
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
+46 8 16 17 42

Marmar Nekoro
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
+46-8-674 7105

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