Strategic importance of the BEAM programme

The future of the Baltic marine environment is in human hands. With a modern industrial society of 85 million people within its drainage basin, most of Europe in its airshed and the strong likelihood of accelerating climate change, it is no longer possible to restore the Baltic Sea to a previous pristine state. This makes management of the Baltic Sea environment an even greater responsibility, as well as more difficult. The choices are ours – our descendants will inherit the consequences.

The BEAM programme is of strategic importance to the society in providing the ecosystem science to guide Baltic marine activities, through influencing national and international laws, regulation and political objectives, conventions, directives and agreements.

If the programme can promote ecosystem-based management in the Baltic Sea and for the first time in a large marine ecosystem, it could potentially be globally important. The concepts and methods of this programme could work as models or inspirations for environmental research and management in other marine areas that are strongly affected by human activities.

The research programme will help educate a new generation of marine ecosystem scientists with the interdisciplinary knowledge required to handle the difficult management problems ahead of us. This program works to set up meeting places for all scientists involved and communicate with the Swedish national authorities responsible for proposals to the government and to international conventions for managing problems in the Baltic Sea.