Funding and management

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Funding and management

The BEAM programme is funded by the Swedish government, as part of its Strategic Research Initiative on Marine Environmental Research. After 5 years the programme will be evaluated, and if considered a success, its funding will be made a permanent part of Stockholm University’s annual government grant for research.

The programme is led by a group of seven senior scientist appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Science, with meetings chaired by the programme coordinator Ragnar Elmgren, and is administered through the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre.

A task force team was formed in 2012. The aim of the team is to discuss the interaction possibilities across and within BEAM clusters, find synergies and overarching goals for all BEAM research activities – according to the BEAM Research Application 2009.

Principles for the distribution of funds
Projects are funded based on relevance for the overall theme of the application, ecosystem-based management of the marine environment of the Baltic Sea, and on whether they correspond to tasks proposed in the application, with due consideration of comments by the evaluators such as no funding being given for ’Fisheries and Aquaculture’. In addition, projects that strengthen collaboration between institutions and fields at the university were given priority. Since building competence for the future was a motivation for distributing the funds, there was a focus on supporting PhD students, postdoctoral students, and scientists with unique competence profiles.

Contact BEAM

Network Coordinator
Thorsten Blenckner
Stockholm Resilience Centre
+46 8 674 76 69

Programme Coordinator
Ragnar Elmgren
Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
+46 8 16 40 16

Nastassja Åstrand
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
+46 8 16 17 42

Marmar Nekoro
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
Baltic Nest Institute
+46-8-674 7105


Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, is part of the Government's strategic research areas and is considered one of the leading research areas that have been specially chosen to profile Stockholm University.