Task force

Task force

The task force team consists of one researcher from each research cluster and the communication team. Their meetings are chaired by the network coordinator.

 - a coordinating team

The aim of taskforce is to discuss the interaction possibilities across and within BEAM clusters, find synergies and overarching goals for all BEAM research activities – according to the BEAM Research Application written in 2009. The task force is further a contact point between the BEAM researchers and the BEAM Board. In order to combine networking activities with communicative work, the communicators takes an active part in task force.

Activities 2015

During this 'extra year' of the BEAM-programme, the taskforce team worked mainly with dissemination of results, the evaluation and with the information and distribution of remaining funding. Substantial effort has also been put into starting up and development of a Baltic Health Index.

Activities 2014

  • Work with the BEAM mini report 2014
  • Planning and presentations at the Conference on Baltic Sea regulations linked to the ecosystem
  • Planning and presentations at the BEAM Scientific Workshop
  • Taskforce meetings: January, March, September, October
  • Work with the yearly SFO-survey in January
  • Two persons from the Task force team are active in the joint editorial board to produce a special issue about BEAM and Eco-Change in AMBIO 2015

Activities 2013

  • Taskforce meetings: 12 March, 15 April, 30 April, 29 May, 16 September, 7 October, 3 December.
  • Steering group meetings (with Taskforce involvement): 15 February, 21 May. Read the minutes.
  • Joint meeting with the Steering group and Taskforce 22 August to decide upon upcoming year main focus and time plan.
  • March 18-23 – BEAM modeling course Modeling as a tool to study the Baltic Sea ecosystem – Possibilities and challenges.
  • May 22 – BEAM modeling seminar A meeting with the aim to present the Baltic Sea modeling carried out at the Stockholm University as well as to strengthen the linkage between modeling, data collection and experimental work.
  • Weeks 37-39 the PhD Course: Ecology and diversity of the Baltic Sea, was organized by researchers from the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences.  The course was partly financed by BEAM. Watch all filmed lectures from the course!
  • Engagement in a series of workshops on Laws, regulations and political aspects linked to the decision support system for Baltic Sea eutrophication.
  • Work with the Ambio special issue, list of potential papers needs to be submitted in October 2013, manuscripts submitted May 2014, accepted by end of 2014.
  • An annual BEAM meeting for all BEAM-researchers was held held 11 November.
  • BEAM Research Summaries 2013 - webarticles and a newsletter on BEAM projects sent to over 600 experts, managers, scientists, NGOs, authorities and media.

Activities 2012

  • Taskforce meetings: 13 April, 25 May, 7 June, 6 September, 24 September, 24 October, 12 November, 7 December.
  • Askö Gathering 24-25 may. A meeting for all active researchers to get better acquainted and discuss possible cooperations.
  • The cluster leaders have arranged meetings to keep in touch and get a picture of the on-going research within the clusters: laws & management – 29 February, hazardous substances – 15 June, ecosystem functioning and nutrient enrichment – 19 June.
  • An annual BEAM meeting for all BEAM-researchers was held held at BNI in November.
  • Communicators produced a newsarticle published in an insert about the Baltic Sea in a Swedish daily newspaper (SvD), read the article.
  • BEAM Overview 2012 (717 Kb)

Task Force

BEAM Network Coordinator
Thorsten Blenckner
+46 8 674 76 69

Cluster leaders
Henrik Österblom
Laws and management
Stockholm Resilience Centre
+46 73 707 88 16

Johan Eriksson
Hazardous substances
Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
+46 8 16 37 70

Johan Gelting
Ecosystem functioning and nutrient enrichment
Department of Applied Environmental Sciences
+46 708 18 43 49

Nastassja Åstrand
Information Officer
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
+46 8 16 17 42

Marie Löf
Information Officer
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
+46 8 16 37 18

Marmar Nekoro
Information Officer
Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre
and Baltic Nest Institute
+46 674 71 05


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