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Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, BEAM

Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, BEAM, is a research programme on ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea. The researchers are experts from over ten research units at Stockholm University, and the programme thus combines and integrates the University’s successful research on Baltic ecosystems, contaminants, natural resource management and ecological models for environmental management.

Collaboration is the key
By coordinating existing projects and different disciplines in one research program, the Baltic Sea research can be further strengthened and will provide a better basis for policy decisions, directives and environmental targets. The methods that work, and support a functioning ecosystem management of the Baltic Sea, can be applied in environmental research in other sea areas.

Excellence in Baltic Sea research

Stockholm University combines the broadest interdisciplinary research with the most active, in-depth disciplinary research relevant to the Baltic Marine Environment of any university in Sweden, and the Baltic region.


Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, is part of the Government's strategic research areas and is considered one of the leading research areas that have been specially chosen to profile Stockholm University.