Hydroacoustic equipment at Stockholm University
Frequency and type, kHz Beam width Type
 70, split beam  7° circular  Simrad ES70-7C
 70, split beam  11° circular  Simrad ES70-11
 200, single beam  7° circular  Simrad 200-7F
710, single beam 2.8° circular Simrad 710-36E

Technical specifications

70kHz primarily for studies of fish, while 200kHz can detect zooplankton down to a size of about one mm and the 710kHz even smaller objects. Maximum target detection depth varies with the size and acoustic properties of the target, the noise level on board the used platform, the salinity of the water etc.

Deck units are Simrad’s EY500 and EK60/EY60. The EY500 system is operated by software using the RMX operating system, while the software for EK60/EY60 is using Microsoft Windows.

  • Software for post processing of recorded data: Simrad EP500
    and Balk & Lindem Sonar 5.

The system is mobile, with single transducers mounted on a Simrad V-fin towbody or multiple transducers mounted on a specially designed towbody. Maximum towing speed varies between research vessels and mounting positions. The V-fin with the ES70-11 has been towed at 8 knots while the multiple transducer towbody has been towed at around 4 knots.

  • Calibration spheres are available for all three frequencies.
  • The system can be powered by both standard 220 volt AC and 12 volt DC.

Contacts and further information:

Sture Hansson, Dept. of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences.
Phone: +46(0)8-16 4248
E-mail: sture.hansson@su.se

This equipment has been co-funded by the foundation BalticSea2020.