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Publications from the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology

Author Title Year
Sara A. O. Cousins, Åsa Eriksson, Daniel Franzen
Reconstructing past land use and vegetation patterns using palaeogeographical and archaeological data : A focus on grasslands in Nynas by the Baltic Sea in south-eastern Sweden 2013
Fredrik Hannerz, Georgia Destouni
Spatial characterization of the Baltic Sea drainage basin and its unmonitored catchments 2008
Fredrik Hannerz, Georgia Destouni
Spatial characterization of the Baltic sea drainage basin and its unmonitored 2007
Georg A. Lindgren, Georgia Destouni, Amelie Darracq
Inland subsurface water system role for coastal nitrogen load dynamics and abatement responses 2007
Martin Jakobsson, Svante Björck, Göran Alm,
et al.
Reconstructing the Younger Dryas ice dammed lake in the Baltic Basin: Bathymetry, area and volume 2007
D. Fabel, Arjen Stroeven
Evaluating a cosmogenic nuclide calibration site at Mt Billingen, Sweden 2007
D. Fabel, Arjen Stroeven, S. Björck,
et al.
Cosmogenic nuclide calibration: The Baltic Ice Lake drainage 2007
D.C. Pierson, S. Kratzer, N. Strömbeck,
et al.
Relationship between the attenuation of downwelling irradiance at 490 nm with the attenuation of PAR (400nm- 700nm) in the Baltic Sea. 2008
A. Darracq, G.A. Lindgren, G. Destouni
Long-term development of Phosphorus and Nitrogen loads through the subsurface and surface water systems of drainage basins 2007
Fredrik Hannerz
Making water information relevant on local to global scale – the role of Information Systems for Integrated Water Management 2008
The BACC Author Team, Anders Moberg, Christoph Humborg
Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin 2008
Georgia Destouni
Considerations and Outlook 2008
Susanne Kratzer, Carsten Brockmann, Gerald Moore
Using MERIS full resolution data to monitor coastal waters : A case study from Himmerfjärden, a fjord-like bay in the northwestern Baltic Sea 2008
Christian Baresel, Georgia Destouni
Diffuse subsurface zinc loads from mining areas in the Dalälven River Basin, Sweden 2010
Ekaterina Sokolova
Modelling of water and nutrient mass flows in the Norrström drainage basin using Soil and Water Assessment Tool 2009
Susanne Kratzer, Paul Tett
Using bio-optics to investigate the extent of coastal waters : A Swedish case study 2009
Daniel J. Conley, Svante Björck, Erik Bonsdorff,
et al.
Hypoxia-Related Processes in the Baltic Sea 2009
Daniel J. Conley, Erik Bonsdorff, Jacob Carstensen,
et al.
Tackling hypoxia in the Baltic Sea: Is engineering a solution? 2009
N. B. Basu, G. Destouni, J. W. Jawitz,
et al.
Nutrient loads exported from managed catchments reveal emergent biogeochemical stationarity 2011
Susanne Kratzer, Christian Vinterhav
Improvement of MERIS level 2 products in Baltic Sea coastal areas by applying the Improved Contrast between Ocean and Land processor (ICOL) - data analysis and validation 2010
Lotta Leijonhufvud, Rob Wilson, Anders Moberg,
et al.
Five centuries of Stockholm winter/spring temperatures reconstructed from documentary evidenceand instrumental observations 2010
G. Destouni, K. Persson, C. Prieto,
et al.
General quantification of catchment-scale nutrient and pollutant transport through the subsurface to surface and coastal waters 2010
Ingela Andersson
Implementing the European Water Framework Directive at local to regional level -Case Study Northern Baltic Sea River Basin District, Sweden 2011
Marcus Andersson
Estimating Phosphorus in rivers of Central Sweden using Landsat TM data 2012
Roya Meidani
Parameter sensitivity and optimization of a catchment-scale hydrologic model across Sweden 2013
Ingela Andersson, Mona Petersson, Jerker Jarsjö
Impact of the European Water Framework Directive on local-level water management : Case study Oxunda Catchment, Sweden 2011
Georgia Destouni
Dynamics and functions of wetlands in different hydrological basins and landscapes 2013
Ing-Marie Gren, Georgia Destouni
Does divergence of nutrient load measurements matter for successful mitigation of marine eutrophication? 2012
Reto Schmucki, Josefin Reimark, Regina Lindborg,
et al.
Landscape context and management regime structure plant diversity in grassland communities 2012
Elsa Aggemyr, Sara A. O. Cousins
Landscape structure and land use history influence changes in island plant composition after 100 years 2012
Lisa Sjöholm
Övergödning av Säbyviken, Ingarö : Näringsämnestillförsel från externa och interna källor 2013
Adrian Hall, Karin Ebert
Cenozoic microfossils in northern Finland : Local reworking or distant wind transport? 2015
Ingela Andersson, Jerker Jarsjö, Mona Petersson
Saving the Baltic Sea, the Inland Waters of Its Drainage Basin, or Both? : Spatial Perspectives on Reducing P-Loads in Eastern Sweden 2014
Hanna Eriksson Hägg, Steve W. Lyon, Teresia Wällstedt,
et al.
Future nutrient load scenarios for the Baltic Sea due to climate and lifestyle changes 2013
Frank Preusser, Merle Muru, Alar Rosentau
Comparing different post-IR IRSL approaches for the dating of Holocene coastal foredunes from Ruhnu Island, Estonia 2014
Yvonne Fors, Håkan Grudd, Anders Rindby,
et al.
Sulfur and iron accumulation in three marine-archaeological shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea : The Ghost, the Crown and the Sword 2014
Christoph Humborg, Hans Estrup Andersen, Thorsten Blenckner,
et al.
Environmental Impacts - Freshwater Biogeochemistry 2016
Sirpa Rasmus, Jan Boelhouwers, Agrita Briede,
et al.
Recent Change - Terrestrial Cryosphere 2016
Anna Rutgersson, Jaak Jaagus, Frederik Schenk,
et al.
Recent Change - Atmosphere 2016
Steve W. Lyon, Roya Meidani, Ype van der Velde,
et al.
Seasonal and Regional Patterns in Performance for a Baltic Sea Drainage Basin Hydrologic Model 2015
Alma Strandmark, Arvid Bring, Sara A. O. Cousins,
et al.
Climate change effects on the Baltic Sea borderland between land and sea 2015
Andrew Quin, Fernando Jaramillo, Georgia Destouni
Dissecting the ecosystem service of large-scale pollutant retention : The role of wetlands and other landscape features 2015
Arvid Bring, Peter Rogberg, Georgia Destouni
Variability in climate change simulations affects needed long-term riverine nutrient reductions for the Baltic Sea 2015
Marine Elbakidze, Per Angelstam, Lucas Dawson,
et al.
Towards Functional Green Infrastructure in the Baltic Sea Region : Knowledge Production and Learning Across Borders 2019

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