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Figure 1: A colloidal particle in an optical trap (shown as a red ball), in the presence of thermal noise, can be made to work as a microscopic machine or heat engine. Its fluctuations have some typical features, some of which are shown here. Ref: Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 140601

Efficiency fluctuations in microscopic machines

Results of a recent study by physicists from Stockholm University in collaboration with researchers at Nordita and the University of Bielefeld, provide a general understanding of the efficiency fluctuations in microscopic machines.

Leonard Susskind Lecture

The film of Leonard Susskind's Lecture now available

A film of the Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture 2018 by Leonard Susskind with title The Quantum Origins of Gravity is now available on our channels. The lecture took place in the Oskar Klein Auditorium on January 29, 2019.

I (resonant) inelastisk röntgenspridning induceras molekylrörelse kring enskilda syreatomer i vattnet.
Energiskillnaden mellan inkommande och utgående röntgenljus motsvarar energiexcitationer av kvantiserade vibrationer i vattenmolekylerna. Särskilt höga excitationer av vibrationer i O-H bindningarna ger information of vätebindningarna mellan vattenmolekylerna. Bild Vinicius Vaz da Cruz

An extraordinarily detailed view of ordinary water

Liquid water is a very peculiar fluid with high boiling point and high surface tension. Its properties are determined by how the water molecules bind to each other, in so called hydrogen bonds, which also influence e.g. biochemical processes and cloud formation.