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Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

The Swedish Public Health Agency has updated its risk assessment for spread of the corona virus. This is the policy for staff and students at the Department of Physics.

Flore Kunst - Photo: Serena Nobili /Stockholm university

Flore Kunst receives the Oseen medal

Flore Kunst defended her PhD thesis at the Department of Physics last year. She has now been awarded the Oseen medal for her promising thesis.

Kinesin  walking - Image :

Inferring entropy production from short time series

Recent research at Fysikum, published in Physical Review Letters, discovers a simple method to quantify dissipation in microscopic non-equilibrium systems by analysing short time series data.

twisted graphene systems

New Twist on Strongly Correlated Quantum Matter

Exotic new states of quantum matter form in twisted graphene systems, according to research from Fysikum published as Editors’ suggestion in Physical Review Letters.

”trapped ions (Azote)”: Dualiteten hos fångad jon- och Rydbergatom-kvantteknologi. Fångade Rydbergjoner kombinerar styrkorna hos två mycket olika kvantprocessorer: fångad jon (ovan) och Rydbergatom (nedan) i en och samma teknik. Tekniken har potential att öka hastigheten hos fångade jonkvantdatorer. Illustration: Elsa Wikande /Azote.

Speeding-up quantum computing using giant atomic ions

Trapped Rydberg ions can be the next step towards scaling up quantum computers to sizes where they can be practically usable, a new study in Nature shows.