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Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

The Swedish Public Health Agency has updated its risk assessment for spread of the corona virus. This is the policy for staff and students at the Department of Physics.

Hiranya Peiris - Foto: Niklas Björling

Hiranya Peiris is awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize

The Göran Gustafsson Prize in Physics is awarded to Hiranya Peiris, "for her innovative research on the dynamics of the early universe, which links cosmological observations to basic physics".

film quantum measurement

Filming a quantum measurement

Does a quantum state collapse instantly during measurement? And if not, how much time does the measurement process take and what is the quantum state of the system at any intermediate step?

ALPHA Experiment at Cern

Mapping out the properties of antimatter

Why does anything exist? That is really the fundamental question we try to answer through high-precision studies of antimatter. All matter that builds up the universe we see should really have been annihilated through contact with it mirror image – antimatter. Clearly, this has not happened, which is one of the great still unsolved mysteries of Physics.