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Markus Kowaleski -  Stockholms universitet

From the blog

Controling chemical reactions

Markus is a theoretical physicist  with unique expertise  in the complex calculations and computer simulations needed to assess the possibilities to control chemical reactions through light fields – theoretical expertise that comes timely in view of recent experimental breakthroughs. 

Markus Kowalewski - ERC grant

European grant for novel sustainable energy supply and storage awarded to Fysikum

An European wide network, involving Markus Kowalewski and Michel Odelius from the Division of Chemical Physics at Fysikum, has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC). The project, which includes partners from 8 different countries, will investigate charge carrier dynamics in materials relevant for novel energy supply and storage.

CO2 emission per return flight

Research without flying - is it possible?

We all know how it works. To be a successful researcher you should be mobile and internationally visible, and this often means flying all over the world. But how are you supposed to do all this and still reduce your emissions of greenhouse gases to the 1-2 tons per person and year that it takes to be in line with the Paris agreement?

Hiranya Peiris - Foto: Niklas Björling

Successful physicist making research accessible

In an era when both experts and logical thinking are under attack, it is even more important to make research accessible– and astronomy might be a gateway. Professor Hiranya Peiris is a successful researcher with a strong urge to facilitate public understanding of science.