The Oseen medal is awarded by the Swedish Physical Society (Svenska Fysikersamfundet) in the name of Carl Wilhelm Oseen. Awarded this year for the first time due to Swedish Physical Society celebrating 100 years, the medal is given to promising PhD theses in the field of Physics.

Flore Kunst - Photo: Serena Nobili /Stockholm university


"It is a great honour and pleasure to receive the Oseenmedal. I see it not only as a reward for my efforts and hard work, but also as an encouragement to continue doing research. A lot of credit also goes to my PhD supervisor, Emil Bergholtz, who has always supported me and created an environment in which it was possible to develop my skills, to learn and, most importantly, to excel. He was, and still is, a great mentor. Additionally, working in AlbaNova gave me the opportunity not only to interact with scientists from SU but also with scientists from KTH and Nordita as well as with frequent visitors from elsewhere. This in combination with the regularly organised conferences and schools really made Stockholm a truly inspirational place to work."

Flore Kunst worked in the field of Condensed Matter Physics under the supervision of Emil Bergholtz and defended her PhD thesis on April 12, 2019.

The main subject of her thesis is topological phases of matter. A shared feature of all of these phases is the presence of extremely robust states that are localised on the boundaries. In her thesis, she developed a method with which exact mathematical solutions can be found to describe these boundary states. This method can be applied to ordinary topological systems, where boundary states appear on edges or surfaces, as well as higher-order topological models with states localised to corners or hinges, and to models with dissipation.

Flore's thesis is published here:  "Solvable Topological Boundaries".

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