The risk for spread of the virus between people without direct contact to imported cases of corona virus is currently deemed to be very high.


From 18 March 2020, and until further notice, no education or examinations shall be conducted in the University's premises. Our overall goal is that courses and programmes should, as far as possible, be implemented as planned, but run remotely.

Here you can find suggestions of tools that can facilitate your work:

The entrance doors at Albanova will now require cards between 07:30 and 17:00 after which you also are required to enter your personal PIN code. All staff (including PhDs) cards will work as normal during this time.

Since all education is now done remotely all student access has been
revoked for the time being.


  • You should limit social contacts even if you only exhibit mild symptoms of respiratory infections (sore throat, dry cough, fever). This means you should work from home.You should stay at home 48h after these symptoms have disappeared   If you show symptoms you need to contact health services via the telephone number: 1177.
  • Sick leave should be reported as usual, howevere, to encourage stay at home the waiting day (“qualifying day of sickness”) has been removed. For mild symptoms you may consult with your supervisor/course responsible on whether work/ study from home is possible.
  • if your work tasks permit, you should work from home, even if you do not show symtoms. This does not mean you should work from home no matter what. If you are free of symtoms (and not in quarantine) and  have tasks that require your presence, you should come. Consult with Jan and/or Åsa in case of doubt.


  • All meetings with more than 50 participants are prohibited by law.
  • Recommendations are also to be restrictive with meetings below 50 participants and potentially consult with your closest manager (usually head of department).
  • The general recommendation is to check if meetings can be held remotely and if business trips (irrespective of destination) are really necessary.


  • The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) has on 3 April decided to prolong the advice against non-essential travel to all countries until 15 July 2020.
  • Stockholm University currently does not grant international business travel, and only business-critical trips within Sweden. What is considered business-critical travel is decided by the responsible manager.
  • 14 days home office are instructed to all employees that return from foreign destinations.


  • All education or examination within the premises of SU has to cease starting March 18.The premises will be accessible only by employees.
  • New! Web-based education is extended until 30 August 2020: The University plans to make a partial return to campus-based teaching from 31 August 2020, provided the authorities' recommendations and rules allow for this change. For the first part of the autumn semester, a combination of online and campus-based education is envisaged. Detailed planning for the autumn term will be communicated to the students no later than 15 July.
  • Teaching and examination will be performed digitally until august 30. Students will receive information from course responsible teacher. Make sure you are registered to the course and that you have access to Athena so that the teacher can communicate with you. If problem arise, please contact
  • If you don’t have a computer with microphone, there are a limited number of laptops the student can borrow from the student expedition. Please, contact
  • We are currently trying to find solutions to labs and practical exercises. More information will be given directly by the head of each course.
  • For students in the medical radiation physics program that are taking clinical courses with supervised vocational training practice or clinical laborations, we will follow the directives from the hospital. More information is given by your teacher.
  • For technical support regarding distance education and zoom, see


The rules and recommendations here at Fysikum concerning the
procedures regarding PhD defenses and Licentiate seminars have changed:

1) Science Faculty rules:  PhD thesis defences and Licentiate seminars (127 Kb)

2) Department of Physics rules:  Procedures at Fysikum regarding licentiate seminars and PhD defenses, due to the corona situation (157 Kb)

Observe that the supervisor and chair of the defense have to prepare
things ahead.


Employees moving from abroad to start as an SU employee
While there is a ban on many foreigners coming into Sweden, people with EU citizenship and those with permanent residency in Sweden can still enter. Practical problems with traveling can arise and each situation needs to be resolved case by case.
Questions and answers – temporary entry ban to the EU via Sweden
Information regarding the coronavirus (Swedish Migration Agency)

New applications for permanent residency
The Swedish Migration Agency continues to handle applications as they normally do. See website for information.