Supervisors are responsible for the vacation planning for each research group/division. Employees have the right to 4 consecutive weeks of holiday during the period of June, July and August. All employees (with salary) shall complete a vacation application in HR system Primula after agreement with supervisor.

The main principle is that all vacation days for the current year shall be used. All employees are obligated to use a minimum of 20 days per year (provided you have at least 20 paid vacation days). For employees with less than 20 vacation days, all vacation days must be used prior end of December, the current year and have no right to save days for a coming year.  

All employees shall notify respective HR administrator latest April 30 in case they intend to save part of their vacation for a coming year. If this is not done, the administration will, by the end of the year, place the entire year's remaining vacation. Please note that the maximum number of days possible to save for next year is 30.

The entire vacation must have been used upon termination of employment.

The Department of Physics has clarified the regulations regarding vacation in an internal policy, Fysikum vacation policy.

For questions, please contact your contact person for personnel matters at the Administrative division (Elin, Åsa or Mona).