How gender equality and equal opportunities is pursued is described in the Equal Conditions Plan of the Department, "Fysikums plan för lika villkor" [in Swedish] (adopted by the Department Board 2019-02-21).
Fysikums plan för lika villkor 2019 (279 Kb)  (pdf)

The Department has a plan of action in case of sexual harassment (adopted 2005-12-15), that can be downloaded as a PDF file.
Action plan in case of sexual harassment (pdf) (41 Kb)

The Equal Conditions Committee

The Equal Conditions Committee supervises the gender equality and equal opportunities work and updates the Equal Conditions Plan. The members of the of the committee can be found on the web page of the Equal Conditions Committee.

Every year since 2005 there has been a survey made among students in their second year, to monitor workplace climate and incidence of harassment. The survey form and the results of the survey can be found here [in Swedish].

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More information about the gender equality activity at Stockholm University can be found here: