Project description

Subject: Physics or Chemical physics.


  • Measurements of products of ion-ion reactions relevant for the interstellar medium and planetary ionospheres using the new DESIREE double storage ring in Stockholm.
  • Studies of atmospheric and interstellar ion-neutral reactions of ions using guided beams.
  • Spectroscopic studies of interstellar and atmospheric ions with special focus on isomers.

Planned studies

  • Measurements of mutual neutralisation reactions of interstellar and atmospheric cations with observed interstellar and atmospheric carbon- and nitrogen-containing anions at DESIREE.
  • In a collaboration composed of the Universities of Trento, J. Heyrovský Institute (Prague), Université Paris Saclay, and University of Nijmegen and SU we will pursue the selective generation of specific isomers of ions and investigations of their reactions with common molecules in Titan’s atmosphere. With the help the ion trap experiment at the FELIX free electron laser at the University of Nijmegen infrared spectra of isomeric cations will be measured in order to establish selective production procedures of their isomers.
  • We aim to investigate ion-ion reactions of ion clusters using the storage ring DESIREE. Furthermore, we envisage planning of rocket- and balloon-based missions to assess the abundance, identity and distribution of cluster ions in Earth’s atmosphere and their possible role in aerosol formation. The experimental and modelling studies to be carried out regarding ion clusters will identify the build-up and destruction processes of ionospheric clusters, predict their abundances and thus be of fundamental help in preparing a scientific case for such missions.
  • The results of these investigations will be used as input data of model calculations of dark interstellar clouds and planetary or satellite atmospheres and for astronomic observations.

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Ref. No. SU FV-1203-19

Closing date: 23 April 2019

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