Project description

Subject: Theoretical physics.

The project is on the theoretical description of dynamical and non-equilibrium states of matter with an emphasis on topological and other exotic phenomena. This work is to be carried out in the group of Emil Bergholtz at Stockholm University within a larger Wallenberg funded project also including Alexander Balatsky (Nordita), Jens Bardarson (KTH), Annica Black-Schaffer (Uppsala U.) and Stefano Bonetti (Stockholm U.) all with whom collaboration is particularly encouraged.

Particular topics of relevance to this project feature non-unitary dynamics of driven systems, non-Hermitian topology in open quantum systems and the interplay between disorder and interactions in time-dependent settings.

We seek a self-motivated candidate who is fluent in English. Theoretical background and interest in topological phases or dynamical phenomena are merits.


Ref. No. SU FV-1195-21

Closing date: 23 April 2021

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