Project description

Subject: Physics or Theoretical Physics.

Two PhD positions are available in the research group for Cosmology, Particle astrophysics and String theory (CoPS) at the Department of Physics, Stockholm University. CoPS currently consists of 15 senior researchers, 40 postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. The CoPS group benefits greatly from its membership in the Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics (OKC) and collaboration with the High-energy Physics and Gravitation and Cosmology groups of the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (Nordita). The OKC main themes are the mysterious components of the energy budget of the Universe – dark matter and dark energy – as well as the study of the most extreme objects in the Universe such as supernovae and black holes.         

The CoPS research activities, experimental, observational and theoretical, cover a very broad range of topics in fundamental research, such as observations of the cosmic microwave background; cosmic structure formation; the cosmology and astrophysics of axions and similar particles; supernova astrophysics and cosmology; mergers of compact objects and associated optical transients;  experimental dark matter searches,  high energy gamma ray astronomy; dark matter phenomenology; galactic dynamics; gauge/gravity duality and string theory; gravitational theories and their implications for cosmology; and theoretical studies of the early universe, including inflationary theory.

Position 1: The first position may be within any area of CoPS’ research scope.

Position 2: The second position, supervised by Dr David Marsh, will comprise theoretical studies within fundamental physics with a focus on their implications for astronomical observations.

Applicants are invited to express any special interests, for example within the research subfields mentioned above.

For more information about these two positions, please contact: Dr David Marsh ( or any other relevant member of the CoPS division:

Note that the Department of Physics as a whole also announces two positions within any fields of Experimental or Theoretical Physics. Be sure to also apply to those, if you are interested.


Ref. No. SU FV-1199-19

Closing date: 23 April 2019

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