Project description

We announce a new postdoctoral position focused on astroparticle physics, broadly defined. Particular areas of emphasis include dark matter indirect detection, cosmic-ray propagation, as well as gamma-ray theory, modelling and observation. The postdoctoral fellow be funded by a Vetenskapsrådet grant awarded to Tim Linden, but will have significant scientific freedom to collaborate extensively with researchers situated across the Albanova campus. 

The successful candidate will be part of the Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics (OKC; in Stockholm, a rich scientific environment that comprises more than a hundred researchers working in both theory and experiment in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics and particle physics at both Stockholm University and the Royal Institute for Technology (KTH). The OKC hosts a vibrant research programme on dark matter, dark energy, transient and multimessenger astrophysics, structure formation, and related particle physics questions. Postdoctoral fellows are also welcome to participate in Scientific Programs at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Nordita.

The postdoctoral fellow will also benefit from interactions with a dynamic research group spanning activities in particle theory, cosmology and astrophysics. Faculty involved in this research group include Profs. Frank Wilczek, Tim Linden, and David Marsh. Current activities of the group include: indirect searches for dark matter annihilation, BSM model building, high-energy astrophysics, axion theory, and quantum computing.

Significant computational resources are available through the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC). The postdoctoral fellow will also receive a competitive research budget to allow for conference travel and the purchase of computational resources.

Main responsibilities

The postdoctoral fellow will conduct theoretical, computational, and/or observational research in high-energy astroparticle theory. She/He will be expected to contribute to research articles and to present key research results at international scientific conferences.


Ref. No. SU FV-3601-20

Closing date: 1 December 2020

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