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Project description
The Experimental Particle Physics Group and the Instrumentation Physics Group at Stockholm University are jointly involved in the High Luminosity upgrade of the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. We invite applications to a joint postdoctoral position in the field of high energy physics, focused on instrumentation for the High Luminosity upgrade of the ATLAS scintillating tile calorimeter, so-called Tile Calorimeter.

The Stockholm ATLAS group has a leading role in the design, development and construction of the High Luminosity upgrade of the ATLAS hadronic scintillating Tile Calorimeter. In the High Luminosity architecture, the calorimeter has a fully digital readout, including the trigger, so the full granularity calorimeter data is read out at 40 MHz. A critical element in this architecture is the Stockholm-developed daughter board that is responsible for high speed redundant readout of the full calorimeter data at 40 MHz. The daughter board has already been prototyped. The successful applicant is expected to work on the last phase of prototyping and validation.

The Stockholm ATLAS group has also been active in construction, commissioning and calibration of several ATLAS detector components: the Tile Calorimeter and the First Level Trigger system and continues to carry responsibilities in these areas. The group leads several physics data analyses in the areas of precision Higgs and top physics and search for new phenomena such as Dark Matter, Extra dimensions, Leptoquarks and Supersymmetry. The group currently consists of 8 faculty members, 3 post-docs and 8 PhD students.

Main responsibilities
The successful applicant to this position is expected to:
– Take a leading role in the development of the daughter board hardware and firmware till final design.
– Develop the quality checks and acceptance criteria for the daughter board full scale production.
– Supervise the development of the daughter board, test stand for final production and supervise PhD and master students in this area.
– Participate in calorimeter performance simulations relevant to the High Luminosity programme.
– Take a leading role in future test beam campaigns at CERN.
– Be mainly in Stockholm, but with substantial presence at CERN when needed by the project.

Complete information on this position and how to apply is available here

Closing date: 15 September 2019.