Project description

The newly established group of Quantum Phenomenology is hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow in theoretical quantum physics. Research in the group focuses on quantum optics, quantum control and quantum information theory. One major research interest is the interface between gravity and quantum physics at low energies, focusing on how gravity affects quantum optical systems, what novel effects can arise and how to probe them in experiments.

The project will be supervised by Assistant Professor Igor Pikovski and includes topics in:

  • Quantum optical systems such as optomechanics, atomic clocks and atomic fountains
  • Effects of weak gravity in quantum mechanics
  • Quantum gravity signatures at low energies
  • Quantum optical probes of general relativity and beyond standard model physics
  • Quantum foundations

We seek a motivated Postdoctoral Fellow with interest in fundamental quantum research that is close to quantum optics experiments. The Postdoc will be embedded in a vibrant research environment at the AlbaNova University Center. The group is also affiliated with the LISA consortium, the group of Prof. Frank Wilczek and the Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology that connects Swedish quantum research groups.

Main responsibilities

The Postdoc is hired primarily for research in theoretical physics. The position may also involve student supervision and teaching.


Ref. No. SU FV-2972-19

Closing date: 6 October 2019

Complete information here.