Project description

The research group ‘Theory of Quantum Matter’ in the unit for Condensed Matter and Quantum Optics, within the Department of Physics at Stockholm University, invites applications to two postdoctoral positions within the area of threedimensional topological phases. The research group consists of eight active permanent members, eight postdocs and about eleven Ph.D. students. The research focuses on various forms of quantum matter, in the context of solid state systems, as well as artificial ones, such as those that are formed in ultra cold gasses, and certain states in quantum-optics. The used methods range from numerical and symbolic computations to quantum field theory calculations utilizing advanced concepts from geometry and topology.

The postdoctoral fellow will work as part of the research group lead by Maria Hermanns where main research interests include topologically ordered states, in particular quantum spin liquids, and entanglement signatures of topological phases of matter.

Main responsibilities

The successful candidate will study various strongly correlated systems and/or topological phases using analytical and/or numerical techniques. He/she is expected to be able to do independent work, work in collaboration with other group members and participate in the supervision of Ph.D. students.


Ref. No. SU FV-3626-19

Closing date: 13 December 2019

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